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We’re Chetaru, a digital marketing agency that only partners with forward-thinking businesses that recognise how important a consistent digital approach is to sustainable growth.

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Why Is Chetaru Different From Other Digital Agencies?

Chetaru really does offer the full digital package. We:

  • Deliver optimised websites
  • Build superb apps
  • Shape leading-edge eCommerce sites
  • Move businesses up the search rankings with expert SEO
  • Create sparkling content marketing
  • Craft great videos
  • Design impactful digital marketing assets
  • Generate real buzz with social media
  • Bolster visibility with PPC
  • Develop brand identities, guidelines and tone of voice

But here’s the thing.

While some digital agencies may offer these services in isolation, we don’t.

Why not?

Because we steadfastly believe that these activities will only be effective and generate leads on a sustainable basis when combined as part of a long-term, joined-up digital marketing and brand strategy.

And We Let You Set Your Budget!

A lot of companies are afraid to talk to digital agencies because they worry about affordability and hidden costs.

And that’s where Chetaru is so, so different.

Because we let you tell us how much budget you have to spend, and we’ll tailor our service delivery accordingly. That means you’ll never get any nasty surprises when we invoice at the end of each month.

Digital Connect Sets Us Apart

What’s Digital Connect? Digital Connect is the name we give to our unique, robust and consistent approach to digital strategy and delivery.

Digital Connect allows us to really get our teeth into what your business is really about, what your aspirations are, who you’re trying to reach, and how we can help you achieve those goals online.

Learn more about Digital Connect here

We Know That Our Unique Approach Works

We’re privileged to have enjoyed successful long-term relationships with UK and international clients from the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • eCommerce start-ups
  • Wealth Management
  • and Financial Advice
  • Recruitment
  • Property and Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Health & Beauty
  • Change Management
  • And many more…

Check out our Case Studies to see how we’ve achieved results like helping a manufacturer client double its turnover in the space of six months or building the first app in the world that tangibly measures team performance on behalf of a change management consultancy.

Interested in learning more? Just give us a call on +44 (0) 1325 734 845 or email us at info@chetaru.com

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