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What is Digital Connect

Digital connect is our full digital service.
Our 25 strong team work collaboratively with you to become an extension of you, delivering long lasting, strong results.

How Does Digital Connect Work

You set the budget and we get to work. Our Digital Connect Process consists of various stages to ensure maximum penetration for minimum effort. Interact with the flow diagram to view what’s involved with any stage

Digital Connect – Client Onboarding

Our Digital Connect Process starts with all the activity to allow us to understand you as a client and what you want to achieve.

Within the stages are:

  • Initial Client Contact
  • Client Initiation Documentation
  • Digital Footprint Audit
  • Budget Recommendation
  • Key Influencer Interviews
  • Brand Guidelines

Digital Connect – Research

The key to ranking and performing digitally is outdoing your competitors and meeting the needs and intent of whatever people are searching for.

Our Research teams perform keyword and competitor analysis to ensure we only embark on the right level of activity to outperform whatever is
already performing.

Sample output:
Keyword and Competitor Reports

We dedicate 3 business days to research on any bit of activity. This allows our teams to truly understand the challenges we are embarking on.

Digital Connect – Planning

Our planning teams take our experience as a company and the information gathered at research to craft the roadmap to delivering the right activity to deliver the required results.

Sample output:
Content Guides, Wireframes

We dedicate 1 business day to bringing the plans together.

Digital Connect – Content and Graphics

Our Content teams and our graphic teams work unilaterally to bring together the look and feel of every bit of digital output we create.

The teams use all the information from the Brand Guidelines and the planning stages to ensure all our activity is lives and breathes our clients passion.

Sample output:
Draft Designs, Copy

We dedicate 5 business days to getting our content and graphics right

Digital Connect – Configuration

Our Configuration teams are the most industrious of our workforce taking all the ideas and designs and making them a reality and function exactly as intended.

We have a team of 26 who are constantly on hand to ensure the plans are turned into reality and beyond that any hiccups, as digital always encounters, are remedied as quickly as possible.

Sample output:

  • Draft Posts
  • Draft Blogs
  • Draft Articles
  • Draft Webpages
  • Draft Case Studies
  • Draft Email Campaigns
  • Draft Apps
  • Draft eCommerce Pages

Our configuration can take anything from a few hours to a few days, and this always depends on the project at hand.

Digital Connect – Distribution

Configuration has happened and the decision to go live is due to be made.

Our teams work with our clients to ensure maximum visibility and support from all involved.

Sample output:

  • Live Posts
  • Live Blogs
  • Live Articles
  • Live Webpages
  • Live Case Studies
  • Live Email Campaigns
  • Live Apps
  • Live eCommerce Pages

Our Go Live is usually planned over a maximum of a couple of days.

Digital Connect – Evaluation

Our biggest focus in all our work is bringing our clients along on our journey.

We have weekly updates and monthly reports as well as a dedicated Digital Connect manager to facilitate and support the Digital Connect Journey.

We are always highly self-critical and use every evaluation point to examine ourselves and demand more of ourselves.

Sample Output
Weekly Update email, Monthly Report

1 day is dedicated to any reporting activity

Why Digital Connect

On standard digital work, things become obsolete very quickly. Time and money are wasted.

Digital Connect maximises impact of any digital activity and minimises waste, maintaining a constant vigil of everything digital for our clients.

Case Study

See the success of Digital Connect with your own eyes

We have helped Vigor Doors to increase website traffic by a staggering


Thereby enabling Vigor Doors to DOUBLE its financial turnover!

How have we done it?

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