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We are a web design agency with a team of experts that create innovative and effective websites to reflect your brand, improve your conversion rates, and help your business grow.

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Web Design

To Generate Leads

Chetaru is a leading website design agency equipped with the experience and expertise to help businesses of all sizes to digitally succeed. We build bespoke websites that are responsive, attractive, and functional.

The websites we design perform and convert, helping to boost SEO to generate leads. With a passionate and dedicated team of professionals based in Darlington behind our web design services, we work closely with you to align your digital goals.

The end result is a unique website that resonates with your customers and performs.

Bespoke Web Design For
Every Type of Business

Our bespoke web design services are guaranteed to help your brand stand out and beat the competition. We work closely with clients to fully comprehend specific business requirements and gain strategic insights at the very first step. Through client on-boarding, we will help you to map out your digital goals in various ways including initial client interactions, digital footprint audits, fact-finding interviews, keyword research, and wireframe design. Once we have the information we need, we move onto designing your bespoke website which is going to increase brand engagement, drive traffic, generate leads, and provide your business with higher conversions.

Our Custom Built Websites

Are aesthetically impressive

At Chetaru, we understand that websites need to look great. Your website needs to truly reflect your brand and attract your customers and potential leads at first glance. That’s why we always ensure that your bespoke website is designed to create a visual brand connection. All of our websites look aesthetically impressive while meeting your business goals.

Follow industry standards

Our web design agency follows industry standards to ensure that your new bespoke website is user friendly and engaging. The responsive, sleek design that we provide includes all the elements you’d expect including logo menus. We ensure that user accessibility is maximised so that customers get a clear idea of your brand in under a minute as per average engagement time. Different elements are used throughout every design to present information tactfully so that information is clear visually.

Are responsive and function flawlessly

Our Web Designers ensure that every bespoke website created functions work on desktop and all mobile devices flawlessly. Responsive designs need to take different browsing devices into consideration to ensure complete functionality.To design a website that is responsive consistently, whereby the same html website is served differently based on the screen size, we enable the website design to adopt itself according to the device a user is using to access the website. More than 90% of people use mobile devices today to search for local information. We ensure that your website works effortlessly on desktop, mobile and all other devices to provide a reliable experience for your customers.

Include Powerful On-page SEO

To increase brand visibility, drive traffic, and increase leads, your website needs to rank on search engines. We take care of all your on-page SEO (search engine optimisation) tactics when developing your new website. This includes the use of heading tags, image alt tags, and schema tags. SEO optimisation is a crucial part of every website design, Chetaru ensures that your website will rank well for long-term success.

Are Cross-Browser Compatible

An important yet often overlooked component of powerful web design is cross browser compatibility. Our team designs your website so that it is cross-browser compatible. Users interact with different levels of technology and therefore will use different browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. All of our websites use a range of techniques to ensure they perform seamlessly no matter which browser is used.

Google Pagespeed Optimised

Page speed plays a crucial role in retaining visitors through bounce rates. We design fast websites that respond quickly using effective page speed optimisation. The strategies we use include minimal use of PNG and GIF image files, the delivery of critical JS/CSS inline, and deferring all none-critical JS styles. Your website design will rank better on Google after it has been Google Speed optimised.

Are Safe And Secure

Security is key to gaining customer’s trust. Therefore, we take security seriously and it’s a crucial point that we push while designing your website. We use a variety of security techniques to create websites that can’t be hacked or intruded by bots, malware, viruses, and other malicious entities for complete peace of mind.

Our Innovative Design Process

Behind every bespoke website that we design lies an innovative design process. We prioritise understanding our client’s requirements and follow structured steps so that we deliver a website that is fully-functional and effectively represents your business. As part of this, we consider a wide range of factors including planning and wireframing. Here’s how we carry out our innovative design process:

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    Fact-Finding Interviews

    We always conduct a dialogue with our clients which allows them to fully express their business requirements. We want to know your intended audience, competitors, and other facts to design a website for you that delivers success. As part of this step, we interview other stakeholders to create a suitable and measurable strategy. This initial step of the process is all about asking questions to gain information.

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    Client Initiation Documentation

    After we have acquired information in relation to your expectations, we work on client initiation documentation. This allows us to deliver a website design project seamlessly from start to finish through clear documentation that outlines plans and goals. You’ll be able to see exactly how the design process will work to deliver your bespoke website. After gathering important research including keyword optimisation and initial auditing, we then present this information to you.

  • Structured Web Design Services

    Web Structuring

    The next step of the process is web structuring, where we create a comprehensive sitemap. This will lay the foundation of your new bespoke website and it helps us to visualise all the aspects of your new website’s structure.

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    As well as a clear sitemap we also create a detailed wireframe for your new website. This is then used by our web designers to ensure that all elements are transferred into your new website design. This step is pivotal as it allows information to be presented clearly without overloading. We also review and analyse the website at this stage to prevent any issues from occurring at developmental stage.

  • User Enagaing Web Design Services

    Content Strategy

    At Chetaru, we also specialise in content marketing. Because you will need an effective content strategy to ensure that your website ranks well and generates leads, right? We collaborate with you to determine which content is suitable for your website and where it should be placed for maximum impact which is later implemented.

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    Mock-Up Creation

    Using the wireframe and content strategy mock-ups for your website are created, allowing you to see clearly how your business can be presented digitally. We use the latest industry design trends and standards to ensure that your new website ticks all the required boxes.

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    Web Design and Development

    After we have finalised your mockup and you are completely happy with what you see, we move onto the development stage. We ensure that the codes are cleaned, handwritten by us, and SEO optimisation is in place to deliver a bespoke website that is aesthetically impressive, functions seamlessly, and meets your business requirements.

  • Fully Functional Web Design Agency In UK

    Quality Assurance and Testing

    At Chetaru, we strive for perfection the first time we do anything. However, we still need to carry out quality assurance and testing. This is so that we can access whether your new website is fully functional and ensure it doesn’t have any development or design issues.

  • Web Design Agency In Darlington UK

    Website Launch

    After you’ve approved your new bespoke website, it’s time to launch it! The most exciting part for everyone, we ensure that as we do this that all of the important aspects are included. We will provide all the information that you require to help you navigate your new website with ease.

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    Reliable Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    Our dedication to helping you doesn’t end once your website has launched. We will still continue to provide ongoing support and website maintenance when you need it.

Your Website is Ready to Launch Now! What’s next?

Our Digital Marketing team helps you to achieve the most out of your website. Using a broad repertoire of digital marketing techniques, we ensure that your brand gets exposure to attract and convert your targeted audience. We combine copywriting, SEO, and social media for a supercharged and powerful package which is tailored to your business’ requirements.

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Website Design That Meets Your Business Requirements

We recognise that every business is unique, for this reason we offer various website design services. In a modern world, websites are far more than just a digital representation of your business. Our different options help you to meet your business requirements both innovatively and effectively.

E-Commerce Web Design

If your business sells products and/or services, an e-commerce website design will facilitate you to operate online with ease

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Magento Web Design

Magento is the best choice for creating scalable, responsive, and high-end e-commerce websites. Our team of Magento

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Wordpress Web Design

Many businesses choose to use WordPress as their CMS of choice for a number of reasons. WordPress is

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Bespoke Web Design

If none of the services above suit your business requirements or functions, our bespoke web design service is for you

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Let Chetaru Help Your Business To Succeed

Want to learn more about our extensive web design services and we can help you with your business project? Our dedicated team of professionals in the UK are ready to answer any further questions you may have about how we can help your business to succeed.

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How long does it take to design my new website?

We work with you to meet your requirements, so we want to ensure a clear schedule that is followed. Though timelines can vary depending on website complexity, once we have all the information we need about your business and goals we’ll agree on a completion date that isn’t compromised.


Will my website be responsive?

Yes, your new website will be fully responsive. This means it will work flawlessly across desktop and all other devices. We understand how important it is for websites to be adaptable, that’s why we ensure that your website meets all modern day requirements.


How much does it cost to build a website?

There is no fixed price that can be assigned to a website design. Rather, we need to take into consideration the type of website you require and its functionality. Once we have this information, we get back to you with a clear quote.


Will my website design be custom?

We specialise in custom and bespoke website designs. This means we stay clear of templates to ensure that your website is unique to reflect your brand.

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